Cony-Right Now (Album Review)



Cony is taking the world by storm, one set of ears at a time. Initially, I was a bit skeptical because I am not the biggest R&B fan around, but I understand talent, I understand the “IT” factor and when I tell you this young man has both in spades, it almost feels like I’m doing him a disservice. If you’re fortunate enough to sit down and chop it up with him, you’ll understand what I mean. His energy leaps at you and whatever mood you’re in is certain to change for the better when he’s around. With all that being said, I was STILL a bit skeptical because I wasn’t entirely sure if he would be able to successfully inject his personality into the music. As great of a person he is, if it didn’t equate into great music, it would all be for naught.


“Right Now” doesn’t waste any time, doubling as the the album’s namesake and opener, it’s doubly important that his introduction to the listening public was a declaration stating “Hi, this is who I am and this where I’m about to take you, come take this ride with me.” And to that I say, mission accomplished.


“Cater To You” is exactly what you would expect it’s about. There isn’t much more you can say to a man that’s bent on making sure his woman is taken care on all fronts. The production is sultry with crunchy but subtle guitar licks and makes for an enjoyable listen. I’m not mad at it.


“Some Type Of Way” is a sequel to the previous track. In terms of content, it’s essentially “Round 2”. While continuing to cater to your woman or partner ,it’s paramount that you make them feel that in that moment, they are all that matters. It really does go a long way, take my word for it. Shout to Fly for the feature. It added another layer to the track, because features are important.


“Party” is a tonal shift in the album. Don’t get me wrong it’s a welcome change, opting to trade in the crooning for bars, the infectious energy of this track is what is needed in your favorite hookah spot or industry event. It has a glossy feel and vibe to it. This track has definite replay value for those settings that  I mentioned earlier and should be in every DJ’s setlist. In other words, you need this and Yeezy in your Serato.


“REGULA”  is my favorite track on the project so I’m going to be totally, unequivocally, unabashedly biased here. This track SLAPS. What that means is that I turned this track up to my highest possible volume and ran it back a few times. My ONLY gripe is the actual length of the track. Clocking in at just under 2:40, this type of vibe deserved to be longer, but I understand the attention span of the listener isn’t what it used to be. I just have to accept that fact.


“Better” continues the vibe that I’m more accustomed to with today’s current climate of R&B. The production is laced with his melodies and the assist from BigSteph. It’s the perfect mix of melodic rap and crooning that makes this song a winner in my eyes.


“Bottles” returns to the earlier vibe of the first three tracks in terms of tone. Again it’s a change that is welcome as it illustrates the many sides of Cony, Fly and Quan. The content isn’t breaking new ground but that doesn’t mean it’s not done in a way that makes it feel current. You cannot be mad at it.


“Losing You” has a classic vibe to it. This is one of those songs that if there was a visual for it, you would see on “Midnight Love”  Yes, im THAT OLD. BigSteph returns with another feature and the duo make a solid pairing. Those subtle guitar licks return once again, I swear no R&B is complete without them, when you hear this you understand what I mean.


“Whine Slow” closes the album out on a upbeat note with a pure island vibe. Island vibe meaning that it’s raunchy. It doesn’t detract from the song at all as it’s what’s expected when you hear a song like this. I fully expect to see people waving their respective country’s flags when this song comes on. It would be extremely hard not to.


In ending Cony’s “Right Now” is a project that exceeded my expectations. I came into it thinking that it would be just another run of the mill project from a young artist who had not fully found their voice yet within their artistry. Although the album is short in nature (clocking in at 31:52) it doesn’t feel rushed in the least. There is something for everyone here if they are looking for a certain vibe which is essentially the key word for this entire review. I’m looking forward to hearing what else Cony has in store in for us. His ceiling is high enough that the key sky may be too close to limit him. Great Job

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